Leonard Niemann

Welcome to this report about my spotting-trip to Amsterdam on the 31st of August and 1st of September in 2017! If you are just here for some pictures scroll down.

Off to Amsterdam

My flight to Amsterdam was LH2302, performed by an Lufthansa A319 (reg. D-AILE). We started without any delay from Gate K01 at Munich Intl. Airport, with a really full aircraft. The aircraft is in a 3-3 configuration and I was seated next to the aisle at seat 12C. Fortunately I was one of the few lucky persons, who had a free seat next to them. Most of the flight I talked with the girl, who was seated at the window. If this picture is not visible, please check your browser. Flightradar Screenshot. She was an Indian girl, who is studying in Canada and so we talked a lot about the different countries, which was a really nice experience. The crew on the flight was very nice and open, maybe because it was their first lag that day? (Flight started at 8:50 am local time)... I got an Orange Juice as a drink and the food served was a little piece of lemon pie. It actually tasted really nice, but since I expected a little sandwich, I was maybe a little disappointed. We landed at Amsterdam on time and so my trip started!

First steps

My first move was to meet Kalle from @bataviation , who flew to Copenhagen that day. Definitely check out his page, he helped me a lot with my contacts in Amsterdam! Since the boarding for his flight started, I went to the spotting terrace, which is said to be very good at AMS and indeed it was! After spending one hours there, I got a bit bored and move to the only real spotting place, that is in a walk-distance from the terminal: Taxiway Q. It is a really interesting place for aviation enthusiast. You are so close to the aircrafts, compared to other airports, and there is no fence! You can smell kerosine and when a B747 is taxing by, your ears are close to bleeding. In addition to that, all KLM pilots (and some others) are so friendly, that they start waving at you, even if you don't!
If this picture is not visible, please check your browser. Spotting terrace view. If this picture is not visible, please check your browser. B747 taxing on Quebec.

Meeting up with my dates

After a few hours at taxiway quebec, my first 'date' for Amsterdam arrived. Kevin from @planepictures_ams, who is a friend of Kalle, showed me around AMS a bit and we went to the McDonals-Spot, for a small meal and some airplanes. Highly recommended to people who want to enjoy a burger while watching airplanes (But remember to have an eye on the runway usage!). Later Bas van der Spek (A-P.net profile) joined us and we took a few pictures, before Kevin unfortunately had to leave us. I went to another spot with Bas in the 27 approach to take some great evening shots! When the light got too bad he drove me around AMS a bit and showed me different areas like Schipol-Oost, so that I got to see more from AMS. Afterwards he dropped me at the terminal, where I decided to spent my night.
If this picture is not visible, please check your browser. B787 approaching runway 27. If this picture is not visible, please check your browser. B737 approaching in best evening light.

The night

Most people tend to get a hotel for a sleep-over.. Well I decided to go with an armchair inside the terminal's security zone just to save some time and money. When getting back to the terminal I directly went for a meal, something typical dutch was on my mind: Pofertjes! If you don't know these, you should try them. In the airport they were called "Mini-Pancakes". After my meal I went for the security check in my departure area and tried to get in, but the lady checking the tickets said, that I am allowed to enter no earlier than midnight, since my flight left on the other day. Because of that I went back to the arrival area, because of the free power-plugs over there and spent the remaining two hours there, charging my phone (Which was extremely necessary). At midnight I went back and got in this time, had a nice little conversation with the very bored security staff, and went for the relaxing area above the D gates. The nice relaxing chairs were unfortunately occupied so I had to get into one of the big armchairs, which was completely okay for me (I am about 1,81cm tall). If this picture is not visible, please check your browser. B787 approaching in the morning. I locked up the zippers of backpack to prevent my expensive stuff from getting stolen I tried to sleep... Which went better then what I had expected. Except for a little wake-up at 2:46am, because of some English children running around and waking everybody up (I was by far not the only one sleeping there...)

Spotting whole day

At about 4:30am I woke up again and decided to stand up, since I wanted to get some morning shots. So I grabbed my stuff and headed over to the 'Albert Heijn' groceries store in the Schipol Plaza area and bought some bananas, orange juice and a sandwich. In addition to that I carried some food with my, that I grabbed at my home and put in my backpack. After that I went to the approach zone of runway 06 by bus, which was explained to me the day before by my guides. When getting there I enjoyed my little breakfast and started spotting the approaching planes. I loved this spot for the low altitude of the planes and for the overview you had over the airport (If you use a little trick ;) ) After some hours of loneliness Bas met me again in order to spend the day with me. We decided to drive to a parking garage in the north of Schipol to capture some airplanes.
If this picture is not visible, please check your browser. A330 banking out of runway 27. If this picture is not visible, please check your browser. B777 in Orange departing 36C.
When the runways were changed we went to the departure zone for runway 36C to get me some aircraft I usually don't see in Munich! After I got, what I wanted we went to the same spot in the arrivals for runway 27, were we spent the evening yesterday. The whole time I had some great conversations with Bas and we talked a lot about different stuff, which I really enjoyed and spiced up the whole spotting time! After that I wanted to get some nice departure shots, with the runway in the image and so we went to the same spot I spent the morning, but with takeoffs instead of landings. When I got what I wanted we headed back to 27 approach for a short time until Bas suggested to show me the famous 'Polderbaan' runway, which was CLOSED the time during my trip, in case you were wondering. After checking the closed runway out and thinking about it's efficiency it was already 18:30pm, so it was time for me to get back to the Terminal, since my flight was planned for 20:50pm and I wanted to eat something in before.
If this picture is not visible, please check your browser. B747 rotating on wet runway. If this picture is not visible, please check your browser. Dash approaching 27 with awesome clouds.

Heading back home

Bas dropped me at the terminal, where I thanked him and invited him to come to Munich! After that I headed to the security check, where I was searched veeeery good, I guess they subjected me of something... Well still they let me in and so I looked for preferably an Asian restaurant. But since I was staying in the Schengen area, there were hardly any 'real' restaurants. After 30 minutes of searching I finally headed over to Burger King and enjoyed to first Whopper of my life. I have to admit, that it was better then McDonalds. I hurried a bit with eating, which I regreteed after finishing and looking at the departure board... flight was delayed. (I really like the McDonalds at MUC for having departure boards INSIDE of the restaurant, directly in the wall). Still I headed for my gate, since I hoped that @amsdispatch maybe had some spare time for a short meet-up. Unfortunately he did not, but his colleague came over and talked to the gate agent. My flight back home was an ERJ-195 on flight LH2309 operated by Air Dolomiti with reg. I-ADJO. The problem was, that our flight was too light, with almost no freight onboard and just 1 business and 28 economy passengers. The trim was so bad, that everybody was reseated, but unfortunately my seat - 8A - was near enough to the center of gravity, and I was allowed to keep my seat (But I was basically first row now). We left with 45 minutes of delay, but that was not a problem for me, and climbed up to 41,000 feet on a one hour flight. We kept our 'cruising altitude' for exactly 7 minutes. The cabin crew was exhausted, but still very nice. My coke was served with ice and a fresh lemon slice, which was very refreshing. In addition to that they handed out a sandwich, which was very delicious the next morning I ate it. I took some great pictures on the flight and was happy when we landed in Munich with 20 minutes delay. Everything I wanted now, was a fresh shower and my big bed!
If this picture is not visible, please check your browser. Windows view out of AMS. If this picture is not visible, please check your browser. Flightradar24 Screenshot.

Doing that again?!

Hell yeah, these two days made a lot of fun and I had the opportunity to take awesome pictures! My guides Kevin and Bas were extremely nice persons! I will come back to Amsterdam, but other airports are also on my to-do list. Let's see what future brings...
Any questions? Just contact me and ask! I will be happy to answer everything. Feedback is also highly demanded. Do you want to see More pictures from the trip?