Leonard Niemann

Welcome to this report about the Lufthansa A350 Roll-In Event! It took place in the hangar of Lufthansa Technik at Munich Intl. Airport, at the 2nd of February 2017.

The beginning

A few weeks before the event I received an email by Lufthansa, where they were inviting me to attend the Roll-In of the A350! Of course I thankfully followed their invitation. A few days later I received a second email, giving detailed information about the procedure. They organized shuttle busses from different spots on the airport to the hangar where the event took place. Also at these spots were check-in counters, where some staff checked your name on the list of ivited people. If you were on that list you would get a bracelet, which basically is your ticket for entering! The bus service was very nice, because there was much less chaos, than it would have been, if everybody just drove to entrance directly. The frequence of the shuttle busses was very comfortable. After a short ride we got to the hangar. The security zone of the airport was postponed a bit, so no one had to go through a special security. Our bracelets were checked and we were allowed to enter.

Entering the holy halls

Since it was fairly cold outside in February, we were happy to get in. I was fairly early so there was enough time to check out everything! Directly after entering I took this picture, where you can see the wardrobe on the right, a whole lot of people in front of me and the stage, with the huge screen, reading #LHA350, which was the Social-Media Hashtag for this evening! What you unfortunately can not see is the accreditation point for the press, which was on the left side, directly after entering. Picture of the view when entering Since I was formerly invited as press I decided to go for it, not knowing what benefits I would get from it, since I have already been allowed to take photos of everything I want to. We'll get back to this later. Also right next to the press-point was a little photo-shoot place, with a few Lufthansa Stewardesses. Everyone could get a glamorous new profile picture, including the most beautiful Stewardesses of Lufthansa, for their social media there...

Inspection walk

Next up I was looking for a table for myself. Since I was interested in taking pictures in particular, I decided for a table in the front row. On my was this photo was taken, showcasing the huge effort Lufthansa put into decorating the tables and making everything look perfect! Picture of All the set tables for the guests I went to my elected table and hang my jacket. Next up I went for a little walk-around, since there was plenty of time left until the planned beginning of the event! Lufthansa organized a whole bunch of external food suppliers and at the same time provided their own food, which combined to a fair variety. Drinks from Beer over wine to juice were served at the bars at order. The staff was really friendly and everything was extremely cleaned up (Well... It was the beginning of the evening). During my little walk-around I also met some people, you might know, like Laird Kay. I got into a little talk with him and we later met at my table! While checking out the food stands I honestly forgot to take some photos, since I really had to concentrate in order to not start drooling, because of all the good looking stuff! To name my personal favourite, after exiting the event a few hours later: It was the "pulled boar mini burger" by a local supplier called Vogl Wild ! However the dessert by Lufthansa was the most delicious dessert, I have eaten for months! Since there was still a lot of it left over, when I left the event, I ate about 10 of these little glasses, to be honest with you.
Picture of Food Supply at the Event Picture of a Bar at the Event

Speeches and baptism

Finally the time had come, we were all waiting for... The event began. First of all, there were a few speeches by Michael Kerkloh (CEO of MUC), Thomas Enders (CEO of the Airbus Group), Carsten Spohr (CEO of Lufthansa) and Markus Söder (Minister of Bavarian State Ministry for Regional Development). Picture of Airbus and Lufthansa CEOAll of them mentioned especially the big technological advantage of the brand new A350. The reduced noise and dirt emissions (Which is always a huge discussion point in Munich) and the new passenger comfort were especially highlighted. As a symbol for the modern built aircraft with carbon-fiber technology, Mr.Enders handed Mr. Spohr over a piece of carbon-fiber from the A350-900 as a gift.
After the speeches Lufthansa introduced the A350 with an overwhelming impression video of the A350. Directly after the video ended, the curtain dropped - People started clapping! So there was the new Lufthansa Family Member. A beautiful aircraft, with the name "Nürnberg". Everything went dark and spotlights were turned on. They highlighted the most iconic design and technology spots on the plane, like the cockpit windows, the engine or the Lufthansa logo on the nose. Shortly after they drove a mobile stair to the L1 door and the earlier mentioned persons went up, in order to baptise the plane, which was done in the classic way with a huge bottle of champagne! The shutter of my camera just would not stop anymore. This was one of the coolest moments in my aviation experience! After a few seconds it was all done and the live band began to play, since the formal part of the evening was over. However everyone wanted to participate in the announced inside visitation!
Baptism of the first A350 for LH VIPs of the LH A350

Performing an outside check

Apart form only waiting for the doors to open and eating stuff, I decided to have a little walk around the airplane and check out the all new design! The curves of this beauty are so smooth, it is unbelievable. The engines do even look clean and everything looked so incredibly new. The aircraft was prepared to look to pretty! But before I loose it completely just have your own look here. Images are known to be worth more than a thousand words...
First Close up picture of the LH A350 Second Close up picture of the LH A350 ThirdClose up picture of the LH A350 Fourth Close up picture of the LH A350
Picture of the LH A350 Economy class

A look inside the cabin

Finally the time has come when the doors of the A350 opened. The entrance was at the left rear door and the exit at the L1 door. So I went for the entrance and finally discovered the benefit of my Press-Bracelet: Press was allowed to enter first. So the time in queue were just about 15 minutes for me. And that was very little time. Since literally everyone wanted to get inside once, the waiting time rose above 60 minutes for the non-press people.
Once inside it was really full of course, so not much room for really good pictures unfortunately. An other "problem" was the intense heat inside of the plane. The crew, which was stationed inside in order to explain new cabin features and guide people trough, was sweating. Lufthansa has some ambient lightning installed at the overhead bins and goes with a 3-3-3 cabin layout for the economy class. The seats looked fairly comfortable. A general thing that need to be mentioned is the extensive size of the windows. They really allow a good look outside. Further I headed over to premium economy class. Lufthansa has 21 PE seats in a 2-3-2 configuration. This time I decided to take a seat. The seat is really comfortable and the level of recline is really okay. As far as the seat is concerned Lufthansa's Premium Economy Class might be worth the extra pay on longer flights. Especially with the power port, every seat has in PE, it might be a good business class alternative for private business man, who don't have millions to spend, but still like to do some work in the air.
Next up we got to the Business Class. I went for a longer test on these seats of course. They recline into a full-flat bed and offer a fair amount of working space. A power port is provided and the Inflight Entertainment is really fast using a touchscreen. A little basket with inflight snacks and fruits is available throughout the whole flight in the kitchen. Lufthansa has 48 seats in business class with a 2-2-2 configuration. I definitely can recommend trying out this seat for a flight, maybe I will do so one day. Let me know what you think!
After reaching the very front and hoping to get a short look in the cockpit, they were just closing it, because everyone wanted to look in and therefore it was a huge queue inside the plane with a fair bit of chaos. Since the Cockpit got closed I rushed out to the "fresh" air, since I also have started sweating by now.
Picture of the fruit basket for Business Picture of the exclusive Business kitchen

After show party and the ending

After getting out of the plane I went for a bar in order to get myself a coke. After cooling down a bit I made a second walk trough the whole hall. At this time it was already much less crowded, since most of the press had left and also some people, who had to work the next day started to make their way home. It is all visible on the pictures on the bottom. Picture of the exclusive Business kitchen Afterwards I also went for a second aircraft inspection on the outside. When all of this was done I considered my job of taking pictures done and decided to finally join the party. The live-band was still playing and most people who were not standing in line for a visit of the aircraft's interior, were dancing next to the stage.
At some point I decided to leave the event, because I did do everything I wanted, met some great people and had a lot of fun. In addition to that I also had to get up early the next day, so I guess it was a smart decision! Now enjoy some additional pictures I took at the event!
Picture of People clapping at the event Picture of the LH A350
I really want to thank Lufthansa again, for inviting me to take part in this super unique experience!
This evening was a huge success for me, for Lufthansa and everyone I talked to during this event!
Thanks so much!