Leonard Niemann


Hi everyone! I may introduce myself... My name is Leonard Niemann, or short 'Leo'. I was born in a small city called "Freising" with 50'000 inhabitants in the North-East of Munich, Bavaria. Munich Airport is just about 7 kilometers south of my home, where I used to live with my family and my dog. In 2018 I moved to Saarbruecken, where I am studying Cybersecurity.
I have always loved photography and aviation since my mom let me use her camera, when I was a child. Things started to kick off in the summer of 2014, when my mom got a Tele-Zoom lens and I went to the airport with it on some day. At that point I became really addicted to planespotting or as I like to say "Aviation Photography"! It is a way for me to combine all my favourite things: Aviation, Photography and Computers.

Gear, Photography, Sony, Sony A77, Sony 70-400, 70-400mm

Social Media

At first I did not do anything with my pictures. However after some learning-time, I started to upload my pictures to Instagram. That was in Summer 2015. By now I try to upload pictures daily, and my amount of followers and likes per image grow constantly. It makes me very happy to see people enjoing my work! I use Instagram as my main Social Media, so feel free to visit and check me out on Instagram!
I also try to upload some of my pictures to Airplane-Pictures.net. However I do not really like some "screeners" to tell me how my pictures should look like. Still it is a nice page!
Recently I also made myself a Facebook page and a Youtube channel. I am not as active there as on Instagram, still you might want to check it out!

Me spotting a Lufthansa A320 overhead